Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

White Authentic Seaglass heart shaped earringsseaglass earrings, hanging on our handmade Sterling Silver hammered round earwires.



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I collect heart shaped rocks an glass heartsd seaglass. It is very difficult to fin glass heartsd authen glass heartstic seaglass in glass hearts the shape of hearts, an glass heartsd then glass hearts to match up pairs is even glass hearts more difficult. I fin glass heartsally was able to match up several pairs an glass heartsd get them drilled without destroyin glass heartsg them, an glass heartsother challen glass heartsge. Drillin glass heartsg tin glass heartsy pieces of glass is very hard. Sometimes when glass hearts the drill goes out the other side of the heart, it takes a chun glass heartsk of the glass with the drill, destroyin glass heartsg the tin glass heartsy heart. We have had some luck, so we are postin glass heartsg our results. Perfection glass hearts is un glass heartsattain glass heartsable but we do our best an glass heartsd we are happy with our work.I thin glass heartsk these are the sweetest little earrin glass heartsgs ever, an glass heartsd hearts sign glass heartsify love, so they make won glass heartsderful gifts to give someon glass heartse you love. I will happily wrap them beautifully for you an glass heartsd the package will look very pretty an glass heartsd you can glass hearts be proud to give these gifts.I always in glass heartsclude a teen glass heartsy tin glass heartsy ziploc bag with rubber stoppers to wear on glass hearts the backs of our han glass heartsdmade earwires so the earrin glass heartsgs can glass heartsn glass heartsot fall out of the person glass hearts's ears an glass heartsd get lost. I put these in glass heartsside the ziploc bag with the earrin glass heartsgs. If you buy earrin glass heartsgs from us that are sterlin glass heartsg silver we highly recommen glass heartsd that the buyer always keep the earrin glass heartsgs in glass hearts the ziploc bag away from the air to preven glass heartst tarn glass heartsish, alon glass heartsg with all their other sterlin glass heartsg silver jewelry. It makes an glass hearts en glass heartsormous differen glass heartsce.

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